2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. If any blog should be read, it is this one. By far the only friend from scho who still has my full attention. Whitty and peculiar, highly intelligent, studied at Oxford University; improving people’s mathematical and spatial reasoning. A feminist, yes. Thus, the only feminist I care for/and to mention. 😉
    She has the mind everyone would die for, the authentic essence of both singers Siobhan Faheyand Amanda Palmer.
    Basically, she has the ability to allure the most unsympathetic and judgemental state of all; Arizona, into identifiable characters promoting and celebrating to mark the first anniversary of the Stonewall uprisings, from the now legendary Greenwich village gay bars.
    It’s a philosophical, factual, as well as a personal analysis and effect on me, yes. However, let me be blunt – I love being the poison ivy of cutting through the bullshit and paralysed thinkers – so if cats stood up in society by impossible event of superior intelligent beings, I would be selling off the human race. HARD.
    It is a rare event that so much credit goes to a former co attending pupil/friend, but it is what it is. Call it a gravitational wave, if you like. In transformed meaning.

  2. Great job ALEX :),keep rocking man,i just wanna ask you about websites or books which could help me to become a great developper 🙂 if you know tell me plz.. have a nice day

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